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MrsCharul H Doshi
Mythili Gopalakrishnan
undergone Simultaneous Both sides Total Knee Replacement on 14th February 2013
My name is Mythili Gopalakrishnan aged 63 years old and a resident from Powai, Mumbai. I distinctly remember that my knee pain began sometime when I was aged 51. The pain used to be occasional then and would mostly be more pronounced when I engaged myself in some strenuous activity or by evening after a long day`s work. The pain started gradually progressing and by the time I was 55, the pain was troubling me almost every day and more importantly, my mobility got slower & slower.

I made my first visit to an orthopedecian and was advised physiotherapy, and a counsel that someday in the near future, I may need to undergo a knee replacement surgery. Of course, I was scared and managed to convince myself that the pain is manageable and life can be managed without any surgical measures.

Obviously, the pain & mobility only worsened and one fine day, I decided to undergo knee replacement surgery. I met Dr Sanjeev Jain (a pioneer in replacement techniques with immense experience in the orthopedic field) and informed him of my firm decision and accordingly had my surgery done on the 14th Feb 2013. Since both my knees were affected, the left more than the right, I agreed for a simultaneous replacement of both the Knees.

The surgery went fine and within a week, I was out of the hospital and to my surprise, I was on my own with no crutches and even walk support. The hospital staff was extremely courteous and supportive. I was told on my discharge from hospital that physiotherapy is the key to improve mobility and the next three months with some excellent interaction with the physiotherapist, I was back in action , absolutely pain free and importantly, my mobility was restored to as it was during my “fit-days.”

Today, a year later, I met Dr Sanjeev Jain for a followup visit and expressed my sincere gratitude and thanks for not just restoring my joints, but restoring my independence.

Mr Pradeep Gopal Lele
Undergone both side knee replacement
Life after Knee Replacement Surgery
I was suffering from acute Knee pains since my early age of 50 years & was scared of getting operated for the same, hence I had tried Aurvedic , Homeopathy treatments . However, none of them works out for me & my Knee joint pains were so severe (24 hours 365Days) that It was very difficult to walk even very short distance of about 20 miters.

These knee pains had immobilized my life, at the age of ~ 55 my walking style deteriorated beyond imagination & I have started to avoid moving out except office. However as my job profile involves lot of touring, office life had also become very difficult & I had almost decided to opt for VRS . Mean while two of my very close relative one of them Gynecologist & other leading lawyer who were also suffering from acute knee pains had under gone for total knee replacement & as indicated by them success of knee replacement was around 60% & both of them further advice me to get operated at well equipped hospital & not at local nursing homes. In view this I had consulted at leading hospitals like Whokard Hospital (Mulund), Jupiter Hospital (Thane) & they had also confirm that I have to undergo for total Knee replacement.

After lot of rigorous search, I came to Know that rate of success Knee Replacement surgery by Dr. Sanjeev Jain from Hiranandani Hospital is very high as compared to others. Hence we had consulted Dr. Sanjeev Jain at Hiranandani Hospital May 2010. Dr. Jain explain the details of the technique he has adopted & I had get operated for total Knee replacement for both Knees on 27th July 2010 ,on forth day of operation I had been discharged form Hospital . As per advice by Dr. Jain I had taken physiotherapy for continuous 40 days. The result of surgery was so dramatic that within one month I have resume my office without any pains, started touring for official works within two months & was able to drive scooter as well as car by end of two months. After almost three years of surgery I do not have any problem of Pains, I could travel lot, even can climb ~ 150 steps without any problem. My walking style has significantly improved & is just like normal healthy person without any problem daily I as practice walk for at least two kilometers. As on date I am enjoying very happy and comfortable life without any problem
Thanks Dr.Snajeev Jain

Mr U N Mehta
Undergone one side knee replacement
It came as a 100 MW SHOCK! i was told that I am suffering from Osteoarthritis in my right knee. The pain was unbearable and acute in my right knee. My job in Indian Airlines(Now Air India) required me to do lot of walking that too FAST! I cannot sit on ground, cannot climb staircase, must have a chair to sit all times. With these difficulties, I retired on 31st October 2006. I was on pain killers and Volini Ointment without any results. This suffering continued till August 2010, during first or second week of August 2010, I read the entire presentation on T.K.R. by Dr SANJEEV JAIN in the Times Of India. There and then I and my wife decided to go ahead with the surgery of my right knee.

Dr Sanjeev Jain and his team has done the surgery with great efficiency and precision. Full credit to Dr Jain and his team. But the most important and crucial period is post surgery. Here my wife took over with the support of my entire family.

NOW I am a normal person, walking, climbing the staircase and YES doing my Yog exercises, sitting cross-legged!!
I have found the ultimate answer of my Knee Recovery through Dr Jain and of-course my wife!

MrsCharul H Doshi
Mrs Charul H Doshi
Undergone Left Knee Replacement
Hi, my name is Charul.H.Doshi. I am 47 years old. I reside at Rajkot, Gujarat. Recently I had a complete knee joint replacement operation done by Dr.Sanjeev Jain at Hiranandani hospital, Powai, Mumbai. As you see, my age is 47 years and a knee replacement?! Well all this started about 6-7 years back.

I started having pain in my left knee. I consulted an orthopedic doctor and he put me on medication and physiotherapy. I was alright for some time. Then again the same problem occurred. I consulted 3-4 doctors in duration of time. Each said I needed a knee replacement but I was too young for it.

Then started the main problem. I started giving up going to parties where I would have to spend a lot of time standing. I avoided malls and cinema complexes where I would have to walk a lot. My husband used to get upset as I avoided going to marriage and reception functions just because parties were a nightmare to me. Everyone knows how much walking that needs. Even my children who were in their early teens at that time started getting annoyed with me as I stopped going shopping with them. I felt depressed and even cursed myself feeling I was not capable of handling my social responsibilities. I also started taking painkillers as they became necessary.

For the last two years I was suffering quite a lot. At this time I started thinking of operation seriously. My husband was a great support for me. He used to say that by delaying the operation I was only giving up my present years for the future. It was because of his support that I started looking for a doctor with whom I would be satisfied. I visited quite a few doctors and hospitals. But I could not find myself at ease with any of them. It was at that time that I met a person who was related to my relative who had a knee replacement operation at L.H.Hiranandani hospital by Dr. Sanjeev Jain.

My husband and I went to Mumbai to consult him. I had never been to L.H.Hiranandani hospital before. It was a very pleasant experience for me. The hospital, the staff, and the surroundings everything was up-to-date.

Then I met Dr.Sanjeev Jain. The meeting with Dr.Sanjeev Jain was a very pleasant experience and gave me the courage to go ahead with the operation.

I got admitted to the hospital. The whole staff supporting Dr. Jain in the operation i.e., the nurses, junior doctors, the anesthetist, etc. came to meet me one by one and put me at ease about the operation. The dietitian, the caretakers, the nurses, and the physiotherapist everyone was very warm and helpful.

In short I am glad that I choseDr Sanjeev Jain for my operation.

And a message to all patients who are suffering from knee pain at a young age. My opinion is that it is better to have the operation done than to suffer.

My special thanks to Dr.Sanjeev Jain for giving me a pain free life.

Mrs Alka Khandekar
Undergone both Sides Knee Replacement
I had been having joint pain due to arthritis for past twenty years; however my pain had increased substantially during past five years. Even if I walk for short distance the knees pain used to be unbearable. To work or cook while standing for more than half an hour had become quite difficult.

I had tried variety of treatments including those advertised on Television however it didn't help. Every night had to apply some ointment or a cream for joint pain. People could notice pronounced limp in my walk.

Couple of years back my daughter had mentioned to me about joint replacement surgery. However a surgery at such late age (I was 75 then) scared me and I continued to live on. Later on I met a friend of my age, who had also undergone such surgery which gave me confidence.

My daughter who stays at Hiranandani Gardens, Powai had heard a lot about Dr. Sanjeev Jain. During one of my visit she insisted that we consult Dr. Jain. Meeting him was a great revelation. The experience and examples that he shared converted my confidence into determination to undergo TKR surgery. There were apprehensions about doing both knees together but doctor explained the advantage of computer-assisted surgery.

Eventually I underwent TKR for my both the knees in May 2012. It needed five days stay at the hospital including one night at ICU immediately after surgery. First month after surgery was tough when healing process was on and I had to learn to walk again. As the days passed it improved and I gave-up walker in twenty days, later on started walking with a stick. The joint pain which accompanied me for twenty years was gone leaving me alone! My limp was also gone.

Looking back after one year I could say this surgery was best celebration of my 75th year.

Mrs Lily Deshmukh
Undergone both sides Knee Replacement
I'm a 74 year old lady based in Navi Mumbai. In my younger years I had an active lifestyle in lieu with my work & career. After I turned 40, I chose to be a home maker. Over the years, physical activity reduced to social visits outside and almost no exercise.

I was diagnosed with rheumatism and arthritis in 1998. I tried to ignore the pain initially, but over the past decade it became unbearable. With the pain and almost abuse of my knees due to lack of exercise, my cartilage had thinned down to almost zero and the knee bones friction would stimulate excruciating pain every time I got up or tried to walk, as a result my activity reduced even further. I began to seek treatment and advice from some of the best doctors in Mumbai and most advised a knee replacement surgery for both knees. But somehow I wasn't convinced with either the doctor's attitude or the hospital or the treatment.

I met Dr. Sanjeev Jain in August 2011 for a check-up. His detailed diagnosis helped me understand the gravity of my problems. He explained to me how important the knee replacement surgery was in my case, and gave me a detailed presentation of the proposed surgery, given the impressive facilities at Dr. L. H. Hiranandani Hospital, Powai, Mumbai. I decided at the end of the meeting that I will go through the surgery.

On September 04, 2011, I got myself admitted in a deluxe room, the team of doctors under Dr. Jain's supervision visited me to explain every aspect of it… from Physiotherapists, Dieticians, Anesthetists every doctor met me and explained the treatment. The surgery was handled by Dr. Jain himself. Needless to say, the surgery went off seamlessly. Dr Jain visited me many a time in the ICU after the surgery, comforted my family who was anxiously waiting outside the OT. Post surgery, I was in the hospital for four days. Each day was a regimen with doctors but each one taking care of my physical condition and psychological temperament.

Within three â€" six months of my surgery, with regular physiotherapy, I became literally 15 years younger. Today I am back to my earlier active life, I travel more and exercise everyday and this is all thanks to Dr. Jain.

Mr Kunal Khana
Undergone One Side Total Hip Replacement
My problem â€" I had a tree fall when I was in class 6th and fractured by femur neck. I was operated upon, and with the help of three screws by femur was fixed. I was 12 years old. Things were fine and life carried on with some precautionary measures like avoiding to run, sitting crossed legs etc. After about 12 years I did an x ray just to ensure everything is in order. To my surprise I saw that the ball & socket had begun crumbling and the ball was becoming out of shape. Some doctors in Delhi suggested that its not advisable to do a hip replacement surgery at a young age of 24, but best to postpone it as much as possible. I managed another 5-6 years without much pain but in 2010, early Jan, I felt the heat.

My problem exacerbated and I was crying in pain. I was unable to walk and was visibly limping. I again consulted some doctors and found that the technology has advanced and I should go for the surgery, as I have a full life ahead of me. I was willing to take this step and decided and it was now only a matter of finding the right doctor who could ensure I was able to lead a normal life.

Dr Sanjeev Jain â€" Since I am a resident of Mumbai, I started inquiring about the best doctors for Hip replacement. Dr Sanjeev Jain's name cropped up nearly every time along with couple of others and I went to meet him. I explained by problem, background and my sudden pain. Dr Jain was full of empathy, positivity and made me feel that this surgery in today's time was no more a distant reality. First time I felt really positive from inside and I immediately decided to go ahead with the surgery. Within 3 days of my meeting with Dr Jain, I admitted myself in Hiranandani Hospital. It would be safe to say that DrJain was the only reason why I instantly decided to go ahead. My surgery went on very well. I am fine now, no pain and most important I am mentally free.

Dr Jain, has been my inside strength and he made everything look so simple and easy. He was calm, composed, diligent , extremely positive, practical , empathetic and most important a great human being. 4-6 months of regular physiotherapy, constant motivation from Doctor Jain, and utmost care from my wife are the reasons I am up and running.

Thanks Dr Sanjeev Jain for making a difference to my life.


Age 32

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