Hip Treatments in India

Joint Replacement of other Joints

Knee and hip replacement are the commonest surgery in joint replacement as knee and hip arthritis is common. Involvement of other joints like shoulder, elbow, wrist, hand jointsand ankle is seen in certain conditions, which involved these joints. Common cause of polyarticular (many joints) involvement is Rheumatoid arthritis. Other joints can also get affected due to avascular necrosis (lack of blood supply), post traumatic arthritis, metabolic arthritis and ankylosing spondylitis (immune disorder).

All these conditions can be managed in early stage by medication and physiotherapy. In moderate advanced stage one can have different kinds of surgical procedures like arthroscopy, synovectomy and osteotomies, done to delay joint replacement as one can. When nothing works and in severe stage of arthritis shoulder, elbow, wrist, hand joints and ankle joint replacement could be performed to get good pain relieve. Results of these joint replacements are also excellent..

Shoulder Replacement Elbow Replacement

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